Witte letter of Thanks

Witte letter of Thanks 

"Congratulations team on a big win today. I only wish I could have taken a video of them all voting their approval. They had all good things to say and congratulations on how we hung in through the process and came up with a truly magnificent design and one that address site and neighbor impact better than any other.  

Kudos to Team Upwall! You guys are Rock Stars of architecture!" 

-David Bloch 

"I want you to know how incredible it is living in the spectacular home you designed....Having the opportunity to work together on ‘Sunnyridge North’ - what an amazing, once in a lifetime experience! All the cold, windy days, no windows in sight - initially. But over time, literally designing as a team onsite, led by your vision. I’ll never forget it. 

...Please know that every day, as we pay attention to the way light enters the majestic windows here, as we study curves, angles and shapes. As we walk into the home, experiencing the way it reveals itself. As we fall asleep at night. We are surrounded by your talent, vision and genius. For as long as we own this home, and in the years I drive by it after that, I will always think of you, and the amazing ability you possess. It is simply magical living in this work of art - by Michael Upwall. " 

-Derek Esplin 


"I wanted to take a moment to tell you how thrilled we are with our new home. It is absolutely stunning!!!!! Every detail is breath taking!!!! We truly value and appreciate your amazing talent.  

Please share our accolades with the rest of your team as well. Everyone did such a phenomenal job on this project and we could not be happier. 

There is no greater honor than owning an Michael Upwall Design - thank you, so much - for everything." 

-Shannon Horvath 

“[Michael,] I wanted to say how I think of you so often...particularly when I am standing at my sink looking at the beautiful view. I can thank God for the view, but I thank you for raising the windows so I can take it all in! 

We wake up every day grateful to live in this beautiful place and in this incredible house you designed for us. Thank you.”  

-Barbara Wolin 

"It is spectacular! All those hours designing and rdesigning, all the details, your beautiful conceptualization of our vision. . . It' all amazing. 

When people walk through the door their breath is truly taken away - and your front door is the first ah-ha moment. The kitchen is a complete show stopper as the stone wall seems to be a "love object". The large slab slate floors apeal to everyone, and the library with screened - in deck area almost kills them off! The "oohing and aahing" goes on and on. Beside all the beauty, the funtion is fabulous. Everything works and everything is where one would want. We are living in it at last and all we can say is thank you, thank you THANK YOU!! We couldn't love it more. We couldn't be more proud of it and proud of the fact that our very talented and wonderful to work with architect was Michael Upwall." 

-Phyllis and Rick Hadley 

"I just wanted to thank you for all your work on creating my amazing house in The Colony. It turned out better than I ever hoped, and having lived in it now I can tell you I feel like I'm in an architectural masterpiece. Unlike some architects who disappear after the drawings, you were always there when we needed you so the job never slowed down. The whole process was a pleasure and I would hire you again in a heartbeat." 

-Blair Frank 

"An Upwall Design home is one of the highest distinction and creative design, while keeping the homeowners' desires and needs at the forefront of the project. Michael's commitment to see the home built to perfection is demonstrated through his consistent on site presence. Building a home with Upwall Design gaurantees the homeowner an incredible piece of architecture and a great experience working with a talented team throughout the homebuilding process." 

-Douglas Knight 

Douglas Knight Construction 

"We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the extaordinary home you and your team designed for us. 

Your ability to harmonize our desires with your unique and very special design talents, your gift of creativity, your personal on site inspections, and your spirit of professional cooperation with the other members of the team - owner, interior designer, and contractor - contributed to an atmosphere of harmony which has resulted in a home that has met our every expectation." 

-Mary Frances Bailey 

"We would like to thank you for your invaluable help in creating the design for our beautiful home. We loved the creativity, vision and enthusiasm that you showed us with our initial designs, and the way that you worked with us to incorporate all of the ideas and features that we had in mind. True to form our home is filled with many fantastic features. It has to be considered a true work of art." 

-Daniel Labov 

"It is not often that life inserts people into your path that become a source of inspiration for years to come. Michael Upwall is one of these people. When my wife and I wanted to build our first home in Park City we discovered Michael has a true passion for what he does and it is reflected in his relationships, his designs and making the world something better for all of us to look at one home at a time." 

-Robert J McCowan 

Michael was recommended to us by several friends and associates as the architect for a house we are building in Glenwild. This house is particularly important to us. After a 34 year career in business as an executive for IBM and CEO of two companies as well as 14 moves, we are finally building our "stake in the ground" home and settling in Utah. 

We knew of Michael by reputation and performed extensive research on architects over the course of a full year. After narrowing our choices to three reputable architects, Michael was our clear choice and he happily agreed to work with us on our "dream home". 

Since conception, Michael has been a treat to work with. He is creative, energetic and dedicated to his craft. Michael and his team are incredible problem solvers. He follows through on his commitments and maintains a professional approach to his work. I have found him and his firm to be outstanding." 

-Buzz and Lorraine Waterhouse 

"Since completing our project just one year ago, we find ourselves still in awe every day we wake up in this amazing home! You and your architectural team gave us a magical dream home that has far exceeded our expectations" 

-Don & Mary Mealing 

"I Just want to tell you how much you hit the nail on the head at 220!!! The site lines, the spaces, the flow....Brian and I think it’s a phenomenal home and feel very fortunate to be able to call it our home away from home - what a spectacular space! 

Also, the interface between everyone involved in this project was fantastic. I really believe in the collaborative process as everyone has such knowledge, insight and ingenuity to contribute, that the process, besides being more fun and creative for all involved, brings about the best end result. 

You and Jared, your team.....really stepped in and stepped up every time we had a nuance, or creative niche to brainstorm & work out, and the effort paid off....the 'wow' elements are WOW! And the little wonderful details throughout the house are thoughtful and really came off nicely. Midway and their subs, also first class! ....all good people, good interactions, great experience. 

Thx to you and the whole Upwall team for such a good experience!" 

-Kirsten and Brian Shirken